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We can help you distribute your music to the hundreds of online stores: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport, Tik Tok, Boom  and etc.
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If you’re a songwriter, a composer, a lyricist, or anyone else who creates original music, so you can deal with us. We can collect your publishing money from streamed, downloaded, played on the radio, synced to TV, film, commercials, games, etc. 

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Немного статистики What we have in numbers
791 555
Активных трековActive tracks
186 358
Активных релизовActive releases
12 911
86 046 792
Стримов за неделюStreams weekly
35 737
Продаж в неделюSales weekly
Магазины партнеров Partner shops
Мы работает с самыми лучшими площадками The best online stores around the world are our partners
itunes yandex-music boom beatport spotify you-mus youtube deezer google-mus juno amazon
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Клиенты Clients
PARADIGM – is the Russian indie-label
founded by creative crew, who believe in music and use different new digital era promotion ways. The label started life in 2014, the year of changes, the year of new music era, to bring quality electronic dance music around the world.
TOP # 01 Brazil
The Speedsound is a digital label that distributes music through the Internet sites specializing in digital download There are over 700 sites including Beatport. Our catalog is open to all genres, his music has the quality we are happy to release, is a constant presence in the TOP # 100 Beatport!
Milano Records
Milano Records
Digital world music label from Italy
Milano Records - High Quality House Music from over the world! Released: Nu Disco, Deep House, Club House, Future House, Vocal House, Electro House, Soulful House, Progressive House, Tech House, Big Room etc. International Artists: Raf Marchesini, Ruben Alvarez, BK Duke, Dave Ramone, Esquire etc.
House Connection Records
House Connection Records
Brings Hottest and Fresh House Music
All Kind Styles of House Music: Club House, Future House, Deep House, EDM, Big Room, Progressive House, Electro House etc. Some from Our Artists: BK Duke, Dave Ramone, DJ Favorite, Esquire, Jolyon Petch, Paula PCay, Theory, Raf Marchesini etc.
WorldOfBrights - unites licensed music and visual content by Moscow projects al l bo
Original tracks and visual images, official remixes, acapellas and remixpacks. Together with dozens of talented musicians, photographers and artists from around the world, we are forming a new image of national sound for the enhancement the best musical achievements and the creation of a universal beauty of our common future..
Glitchworld Recordings
Glitchworld Recordings
Glitchworld Recordings = Glitch Hop
Label founded in 2017 and aims to promote and release music in the style of Glitch Hop (and related styles) with the support of the already well-known in this genre artists DeDrecordz and LoW_RaDar101
Russian Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop Label
Loony House Major is a multi-format label specializing in quality electronic music. Our releases are always fashionable, loud and stylish.
Maxim Rec
Maxim Rec
Quality Russian Pop Music
PB Music
PB Music
PB Music - artist label Phillipo Blake
All old and new releases of Phillipo Blake on this label.
Gysnoize Recordings
Gysnoize Recordings
Gysnoize Recordings [Record Label Group], founded in 2013, GYSNOIZE - DJ
Gysnoize Recordings, Noz Recordings, DeepHSound Recordings, SYCOR Recordings catalogue represents progressive house, tech trance, progressive, drum & bass, dubstep, chillout, hip-hop, electro house, deep house etc...