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Sundesire Media: Empowering Global Music and Video Distribution

Sundesire Media: Revolutionizing Digital Distribution Since 2007

Founded in 2007, Sundesire Media stands as your premier partner for distributing music and video content globally. As an official partner of leading platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, we offer an automated service for the quick and easy delivery of music albums and video clips to online stores. Our mission is to empower labels and artists globally by providing comprehensive music distribution services that maximize reach, earnings, and artist potential.

Our Services and Commitment

At Sundesire Media, we ensure the distribution of music to mobile operators and offer time-saving free services, including account registration and the addition of ISRC codes. With over 809,000 active tracks and 193,000 releases, supporting more than 13,000 labels, our weekly streaming reach exceeds 74 million with thousands of sales each week. Our vision is to become a global leader in music distribution, providing not only tools for maximum reach and revenue but also maintaining transparent and reliable relationships.

Strategic Focus and Partner Growth

Sundesire Media positions itself as a premier partner for established labels and artists with extensive music catalogs, focusing on fostering growth within the music industry. While independent artists have opportunities for partnership, our selective approach ensures alignment with strategic objectives. We prioritize the development of labels, offering tailored solutions to enhance global distribution, maximize earnings through direct streaming contracts, and support the long-term success of our partners.

Why Choose Sundesire Media?

  • Global Leader: Our innovative solutions and direct streaming contracts emphasize our commitment to mutual success and growth.
  • Extensive Portfolio: Our significant influence in music distribution is backed by a vast portfolio, making us a key player in the music industry since 2007.
  • Empowering Artists and Labels: We are dedicated to fostering the growth of our partners, ensuring their creative works achieve global recognition and revenue.

Join Sundesire Media to revolutionize the way your music and videos are distributed globally. Let us be the bridge to your success in the ever-evolving music industry.

Together with Sundesire Media Worx: Making the World a Better Place!

Together, We Save Lives!

In the world of Sundesire Media Worx, music resonates not only for the pleasure of listeners. Our hearts beat in unison with a noble mission - supporting and funding the charity project Lost Dog through our distribution commissions. This unique project, born from our passion and care, helps reunite lost pets with their loving families and find new homes for those yet to be found.

By becoming our partner and distributing your music through our platform, you join a grand cause. Every release carries a spark of hope for little helpless hearts yearning for warmth and care. We believe that together, we can make this world a better place, filling it with love and compassion.

Let each of your songs become a beacon of light for those who need it most. Join Sundesire Media Worx, and together let's provide hope and support to those who cannot ask for help themselves.

Empowering the Future of Music: Join Our Thriving Community

Ignite Your Music Ambitions with Our Dynamic Community

At the heart of our mission lies a vibrant community, dedicated to nurturing music labels and artists into thriving businesses. Our social media publics are bustling hubs where you'll uncover a wealth of knowledge tailored to the growth and development of musicians and labels alike.

But it's more than just information; it's about connection. Find potential partners among your peers, specialists from related fields, and artists ready to collaborate on marketing and business ventures. The possibilities are limitless when you harness the full power of our platform.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your music career. Follow our channels on social media and tap into the collective wisdom and opportunities our community offers. Let's make music history together!

Социальные Сети Sundesire Media Worx
Benefits of Partnering with Sundesire Media
Преимущества Сотрудничества с Sundesire Media
Benefits of Partnering with Sundesire Media Worx

Global Presence

Let your music be heard around the world through our distribution across all key global markets, including Russia and CIS countries. Redefine the boundaries of your popularity with our extensive distribution network.

Revenue Transparency

With us, you'll always know how much and for what you're earning. View revenue reports directly in your account and receive regular payments calculated with full transparency.

Direct Collaboration with Major Streaming Services

By partnering with us, you'll eliminate financial losses usually associated with intermediary service fees by securing direct contracts with leading streaming services.

Free Music Publication

We offer 100% free music publication. No monthly subscriptions, hidden, or additional fees mean complete freedom and independence for your releases. Publish without restrictions, receiving all necessary codes, including content ID, absolutely free.

Unwavering Security

We guarantee that your music remains accessible to your audience without the fear of unwanted removal, except in cases of copyright infringement or by your own initiative.

Easy Management

Our platform simplifies the transfer of your music catalog. Change distributors effortlessly, whether transitioning to us or moving to another platform. Also, enjoy the ability for automatic bulk upload of your content.

Proven Reliability

Operating since 2007, we have established ourselves as a stable partner in the music industry. Your career is in safe hands thanks to our extensive experience and professionalism.

Mutual Interest in Success

At Sundesire, we only profit when you do. This makes us genuinely interested in your success and motivated to support your creativity every step of the way.

Мы не берем плату за следующие услуги
We don't charge you for our services:
Регистрация и настройка аккаунта
Account registration


free of charge

Добавление лейбла(в) в магазины
Adding label(s) to a shops


free of charge

Добавление ISRC кода
Providing ISRC code


free of charge

Добавление EAN/UPC кода
Providing EAN/UPC code


free of charge

Доставка к магазинам (Аудио)
Delivering to the shops (audio)


free of charge

Доставка к магазинам (Видео)
Delivering to the shops (video)


free of charge

Удаление альбома
Take down (remove) release


free of charge

Release update


free of charge

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