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What is Contributors?

Contributors: Here you can write Composers or Featuring Artist for copy to all tracks, or leave empty (Remixers don't write on main information )

Composers / Lyricist The legal names of the writers of lyrics and musical composition associated with the track. This information is used by Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) to determine ownership of a track and is used to collect and distribute artist royalties appropriately. A Performing Rights Organization (PRO) is a regional organization, who collect artist royalties world wide and distribute back to the individuals associated with the income. 

Composer: Andre Tanneberger (First Name and Surname) 

Lyrics: Heather Nova (if available)

Producer: ATB

Featuring: Please put artist name who is present as feat. in track

Featuring: Paul Oakenfold

RemixerThe remixer(s) associated with this version / remix of the track (Put only Artist Name of remixer)

Remixer: Dash Berlin

Please note: Put all names separately!