1What do I need to get started
2General questions
3How much will I get paid
4How music is published
5Digital stores
6Legal questions
7Music Promotion
- if there is a suspicion that the musical material is not the author's
- for publishing cover versions or remixes of famous songs (only after obtaining licensing agreements)
- low-quality author's musical material
- lack of your content samples provided (if no any social links provided or if there are no any your own content here). We are not provide service to anyone who have not created any own content, even if you are confident in your genius and that you will definitely write great music in the future  
- providing fake information (your address, name, other information) or unability to proof information is requested
- if you or your country or territory is under European sanctions, so we are disallowed to make business by laws. Currently there are: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, region of Crimea.