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Streamline Your Music Release: Effortless Uploading 24/7

Streamline Your Music Release with Effortless Uploading Anytime

Transform your musical creations into ready-to-publish content swiftly and effortlessly. Whether it's a single track or a comprehensive album, our FTP and web tools are designed for your convenience, enabling you to build your release within minutes.

With round-the-clock access, our platform empowers you to upload and refine your music on your schedule. No matter the hour, your next release is just a few clicks away. Seize the opportunity to craft and share your music with the world, whenever inspiration strikes.

Elevate Your Music: Customized Promotion for Every Release

Boost Your Beats: Tailored Promotion That Hits Every Note

Step into the spotlight with confidence, knowing that your music is not just another drop in the ocean. At our core, we believe every album deserves its moment to shine. That's why we offer personalized promotion services aimed at securing prime positions for your tracks on the main genre pages of our stores.

Let us turn up the volume on your musical journey, crafting promotional masterpieces that capture the essence of your sound and spirit. With our support, watch as your albums climb the charts and your tunes become anthems. Your next big hit starts with our expert promotion.

Quality check
Elevating Your Music: Mastering Quality Control

Perfecting Your Sound: Our Commitment to Quality

Your music's journey to the spotlight is safeguarded by our meticulous quality control process. Before an album graces the digital shelves, our dedicated team scrutinizes every detail to align with our esteemed standards - from the vibrancy of the cover to the precision of titles and spelling. It’s our way of ensuring your music not only reaches but captivates your audience.

Should an album fall short, fret not. You’ll be instantly notified, equipped with clear guidance on the specifics needing refinement. This seamless feedback loop ensures your music's pathway to publication is as smooth and efficient as possible, maintaining the integrity and allure of your artistic vision.

Join us in our quest to elevate the music industry's quality, where each note and nuance is treated with the utmost respect it deserves. Let's harmonize your music's excellence with the world's expectations.

Reports and payments
Financial Transparency and Control with Sundesire Media Worx

Take Charge of Your Finances with Sundesire Media Worx

At Sundesire Media Worx, transparency and control over your financial streams are paramount. Our financial reports are automatically generated and delivered to you no later than 30 days after the end of each quarter, keeping you fully informed about your income and expenditures.

Reports are provided in the currency most convenient for you, based on your country of residence, simplifying your financial management and minimizing the need for currency conversion.

We offer a variety of royalty payment methods, including bank transfers, VISA/MasterCard transfers, and PayPal, ensuring flexibility and convenience in accessing your hard-earned money. Sundesire Media Worx is your reliable partner in the music business, guaranteeing complete financial control and transparency.

Delivery to the shops
Seamless and Speedy: Your Music Everywhere, Effortlessly

Transform Your Tracks into Global Sensations Overnight

Dreaming of seeing your music featured in every major online store? With our cutting-edge integration, that dream is not just a possibility—it's a guarantee. We offer swift, seamless, and reliable delivery of your content directly to online platforms, eliminating any concerns about the "human factor" and manual errors. This means your music gets where it needs to be, faster and more securely than ever before.

Imagine the peace of mind, knowing your latest tracks will reach their digital shelves without a hitch, ready to be discovered by fans across the globe. It’s not just about distribution; it’s about revolutionizing the way your music journeys from studio to listener. With us, every release is an opportunity to dazzle, connect, and inspire on a global scale.

Step into the future of music distribution. Let us handle the details, while you focus on what you do best: creating unforgettable melodies that resonate with listeners everywhere.

Fair commission and flexible terms
Your Music, Your Terms: Minimal Commission and Free Services

Accelerate Your Music Career Without Extra Expenses

At Sundesire Media Worx, we prioritize you and your music by offering fair commissions and collaboration terms that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Our approach to finances? As flexible and convenient for you as possible.

Forget about having to pay for essential services. Account registration and setup, listing your label in stores, adding ISRC and EAN/UPC codes, as well as delivering your audio and video content to stores and catalog editing – we provide all these and much more absolutely free.

With us, you’re not risking a penny of your investment. Publish your music without any upfront costs and keep full control over your earnings, even if some tracks don’t bring the expected profit. With Sundesire Media Worx, you’re always in a winning position.

Вопрос - ответ Подробно о том как мы работает
Questions - Answers Details - how we works
- if you are over 18 years old
- if you are a music author and write original musical works
- if you are a label and you have a roster of artists with whom you have concluded all the necessary agreements for the publication of music
- it is forbidden to publish someone else's material without licensing agreements with authors
- it is forbidden to publish music in which samples of authors with whom you have no agreements on their use sound. In case of receiving claims from third parties, the distributor reserves the right to demand the necessary papers or remove the release unilaterally until the situation is clarified.
- it is forbidden to use other people's pictures and photos that are freely available on the Internet on the cover of releases
- availability of the client's social networks, where you can listen to the client's musical content
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Are there any fees I need to pay to get setup with Sundesire Media?
To sign up with Sundesire Media there are NO setup fees at all. We will provide you with free help and advice and do not expect any payment for this until your music is selling in the stores. We only take the agreed commission rate from your sales as and when they happen.
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When I get financial sales report?
You will get the full quarterly report, within 30 days after end of each quarter.

Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) - report arrives in end of April.
Q2 (Apr, May, Jun) - report arrives in end of July.
Q3 (Jul, Aug, Sep) - report arrives in end of October.
Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec) - report arrives in end of January.

Please note: Shops reports received in different time, will be loaded as we got it. You will see it as Upcoming report on 'Statement' menu.
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How start upload your content?
Welcome to DMB Dashboard.

To use our DMB system You need have the Java Machine to be installed and enabled
Also please authorize the Java Up-loader plugin to be run in the site if Your will be asked.

You can upload Your media files with two ways - with  Uploader and with FTP client like Filezilla e.t.c.

FTP upload:

Log in to FTP server ftp://dmb.sundesiremedia.com and using the same your login details.

FTP host: dmb.sundesiremedia.com
User: your login
Password: your pass
Port: 21

After files will be uploaded Your need to move this files to a media files folder for a specified album.
There are to buttons on Media Files tab of Album form. 

Add new album:

Add new album in 'My Albums' menu, write all album data and get files from FTP on 'Media files' tab:

The button "Get files from FTP " - press this button to open FTP home files browser. Mark files You need in current album and press Apply to move files. 
Files will be checked against the requirements and valid files will be moved to media folder.

Or you can upload files via Java Up-loader, Just click Run Up-loader on 'Media files' tab.
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