Global DJ Pool

About Global DJ Pool Promo:

GDP Profile:

Global DJ Pool (GDP) full promotion service. It was created for  professionals wants to save their time and money, also for a new persons of music life.

Specialized service which helps to deliver new music stuff to famous DJs, Labels, Clubs, Radio stations and Booking Agencies.

For what it?:

- It is a convenient way for a Record Label to promote future albums before release. Received feedbacks and supports will help shops choose your albums for advance!

- For a single Artist it's quickly way be signed on Record Label. Sending Demo thru GDP you save your time and get guaranties that your music will be listened by record label.

- If you are DJ and want to promotion your new production: Podcast / DJ Mix / Track / Album  - It is most reliable way to receive reaction, feedbacks and support.

Detailed reports and statistic in real-time:

- Who is Viewed
- Who is Downloaded (with location)
- Who is Supported
- Analyze your promotion every day!


- You can create own lists of recipients or use GDP database.
- GDP database update every day.

How it work:

- Sign Up - you will receive activation key within 10 minutes after registration well done!
- Make customized templates for Promo.
- Add new Promo or Demo with uploaded audio data.
- If you are client of Sundesire Meida Worx, you can simple import any album from DMB and save your time.
- Add founds on your account before sending (My Account tab)
- Send your promotion to GDP list or created own list of recipients.
- Get reactions and support, analyze detailed statistic and feedbacks.